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2017 Holiday Vaporizer Sales and Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Vaporizer Sale & Vaporizer Gift Guide

Holiday Vaporizer Sale 2017 & Gift Guide
(December 24th to January 2nd)

The Holiday  Season is upon us and with only a few more days until Christmas you want to make sure you get those special people in your life the vaporizer they’ve always wanted. If you missed our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Vaporizer Deals, you’ve got another chance to save big on the best vaporizers and vapor related gifts for your co-workers, friends and family.  To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with our 2017 Holiday Vaporizer Sale and 2017 Holiday Vaporizer gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers

SLX grinder  – 15% Off With Promo Code Holiday15

One of my favorite grinders I have been using lately is the SLX. Pronounced “slicks” as an ode to what they don’t do – Stick. The company’s slogan is actually SLX won’t stick and they have proven to be one of the easiest grinders I have ever used without needing to clean much if at all and never do I get any herb stuck in the grinder teeth, even with the stickiest of icky. They can be pricey for a grinder but the longevity and ease of use  more than makes up for it. The SLX grinders come in a variety of Colors and in 2” inch or 2.4” inch sizes.


C Vault Storage Container – 15% Off With Promo Code Holiday15

There are alot of storage containers out there, most of which are only good for storing. An over glorified piece of plastic with the word vacuum tacked on to the title to make you think it is going to keep your herbs fresh for weeks on end. The C vault is not one of them. The C vault has been a personal favorite of mine since getting a promo unit over a year ago. I had some old herbs I threw in and the next day I felt like they had been revitalized with new life.

the C vault storage container inside

The C vault creates the optimal environment for your herbs by controlling the air, light and humidity. The small even is large enough to hold a quarter ounce of flowers. We love the C-Vault so much we include one free with every purchase of a new Storz & Bickel Vaporizer.


Firefly 2 Vaporizer with Free Aerospaced Grinder  ($75 off no promo code needed)

The tastiest vapor of 2017 still belongs to the Firefly 2 Vaporizer. No vaporizer will compliment the flavors of the season such as pine trees, wide opened snow packed mountains and great Holiday food like the Firefly 2.  The Firefly 2 has been a favorite for growers and plant enthusiasts since it’s release. However if you are buying as a gift for someone who has not used a vaporizer before you might want to check out something a bit more user friendly like the Crafty Vaporizer or the Arizer SOLO 2, both on our Holiday Vaporizer Guide

Firefly 2 holiday sale

Crafty Vaporizer with free C Vault (15% off with promo code Holiday15)

Storz & Bickel recently updated the Crafty portable Vaporizer to include 20% more battery power, an option to extend the auto shut-off to 5 minutes and an improved smart phone app. If you want to gift one of the best portable vaporizers on the market you cannot go wrong with the Storz & Bickel Crafty. These provide the best quality vapor in an easy to use device.

Storz & Bickel, inventors of the world renowned Volcano Vaporizer, has remained the name synonymous with the best vaporizers in the world. With all of their vaporizers made in Germany any of their top of the line vaporizers would be well received under Der Tannenbaum this Christmas.

Arizer SOLO 2 Vaporizer  (15% off with promo code Holiday15)

If you are buying for a vapor newbie who doesn’t want the hassle of a vaporizer which needs to be controlled via syncing with a smartphone check out the SOLO 2 by Arizer. The SOLO 2 is a breeze to use and delivers amazing flavor while checking off the box for great vapor production at the same time.Arizer SOLO 2 Holiday Sale

The Arizer SOLO 2 is a conduction vaporizer which delivers great flavor through an all glass mouthpiece. At only a few ounces in weight it is easily portable around the house and yard. The glass mouthpiece doesn’t retract so it is not the most ideal to bring cross country.  If you are looking for a vaporizer best suited for the busy professional always on the go or the active thrill seeker constantly on the move we would recommend the ultra portable PAX 2 or PAX 3.

Hydrology 9 by Cloudious $50 off ( No Coupon Code Required)

The Hydrology 9 is a fun vaporizer to use and  even more fun in social settings, I can attest to this. The experience is only heightened by the optics of the colored lights which light up the water bringing the colors and festivities of the season to light.

The Hydrology 9 is a favored vaporizer amongst my friends who still prefer to smoke their herb, as it produces a large volume of vapor and is purified through water much like your basic water pipe. If you have someone in your life who has been wanting to make the switch to vapor, but still loves using glass, the Hydrology 9 would make a fantastic gift and greatly assist in the transition to vapor. Look at you go, giving great gifts and improving the health of a loved one at the same time.

As always To the Cloud Vapor Store is happy to help you with your Holiday Vaporizer Gift or other vapor related queries alike which you may have this Holiday Season. We pride ourselves on being the only retailer to allow returns on your used vaporizers after purchase under our signature Trial period and as well offer lifetime trade ins for store credit. Check out our entire selection here for the best new and used vaporizers on the planet  and use coupon code Holiday15 for 15% off through Christmas on any vaporizer not already on sale.


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